Creative Billboard

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We are to provide your billboard with the design that is ultimately bold and big to show they can be ‘LOUD’ enough to be seen. It should be visible from afar so that it attracts the attention of your target audience.

The content to be printed on the wraparound can be easily changed and modified when necessary. We have the expertise and a capable team of creative designers who can help you to conceptualize and the printing facilities to ensure minimum cost to your investment.

From Big Post to Small Lamp Post LED Screens

LED Screens Panel

Interactive small LED panel screens are both of dynamic and highly driven media where ad space is sold based on slots. Commonly placed along the divider or major roads and highways, small LED screens they can share and capture with other advertisements.

48 Sheets Billboard

96 Sheets Billboard

With the big 96-sheet billboards are among the most common and widely used billboards in out-of-home media. 96 here refer to the layout of how the billboard will be presented. If your ad needs a large and loud effect, it would be ideal to use 96-sheet which is actually two pieces of 48 sheets placed together.

Standard measurements for the 96-sheet billboard is 10ft x 40ft and 11ft x 41ft. Rental of this space usually goes on an agreed period from monthly to quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.


This type of billboard is very effective when used in highways and areas with a large volume of viewers like entertainment outlets and commercial centres. A single pole is used to hold up the billboard which can be single, double or triple sided. A spectacular is one which is customized to be more attractive.

Overhead Bridges

Billboards are attached on the side of the overhead bridge and are usually horizontal rectangles. These billboards are commonly attached on highways and major roads where traffic flows through and under the overhead bridges while they are usually seen at urban towns and cities at intersections and junctions.

Free Standing

The common measurements of Free Standing outdoor boards are 20ft x 40ft and 20ft x 24ft while other dimensions are used as well. This type of boards is more portable and very effective if you are planning to deliver your ads during promotions and events.